A selection of the personalized pens on offer


Princess Poodle

Our Kennel Blocks

We have 2 blocks of kennels, complete with seperate bed area and runs which are all undercover for the security and safety of your Pet(s) whilst in Our care. We are licensed by Rutland Country Council to board 36 Dogs. 

Allmark Block

This is a block of 11 pens, all indoor but with a natural air flow down the middle corridor. Each kennel has its own large individual exercise run which the guests have access to between 8am and 7.30pm. They provide plenty of room to move about. 

Each kennel has been specially designed with ample heating to provide the optimum comfort for our guests. 

West Block Kennels

This block has 10 pens comprising of Bed Area and its own large individual exercise run which the guests have access to between 8am and 7.30pm. They provide plenty of room to move about and each pen has individual heating. There is also a natural air flow down the middle corridor.

During extreme cold weather we  ensure that your dog(s) are kept comfortable during their stay with us. 


Music is played throughout the day to make our guests feel at home and if your dog has a favourite Station or Genre then please let us know!

All dogs in boarding can see other dogs but are never allowed to mix with others and are never exercised together, apart from dogs from the same household on your authority by way of written consent.

Our Kennel staff are on hand all day to clean and provide fresh water and plenty of tender love and affection. They completely sterilise inside and outside of the kennels using the latest animal safe products, this including checking all the bedding and beds.

All dogs must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough and a current vaccination certificates must be shown at each time of boarding.

We believe in giving the best to our dogs so when you board your dogs with us you can be assured of a well balanced and nutritious diet. We feed the dogs on recognised leading brands such as Pedigree Professional, Pedigree Complete, Chappie, Cesar and CSJ (an all natural product) and of course fresh meat which is sourced locally to tempt the less interested, 
If you would prefer to bring your own food then you are more than welcome.

Beds and bedding are of course provided, as are daily treats but if you wish to bring your dogs’ favourite toy or bedding to make him or her feel more at home please feel free to do so. 

All dietary needs are catered for, we are happy to administer any medication for pre-existing conditions your vet has prescribed.


Excercising your Pets

Catching the setting sun during the afternoon walk

Your dogs need excerise every day regardless of the weather and here at Thorpe by Water we do just that.

All dogs are excerised twice a day on lead whether it is using one of our Flexi Leads or your lead.  No two dogs are excerised together unless they are from the same family unit.

on Wet days there are plenty of warm towels to dry our furry friends off before they retreat to their warm beds.


For those of you that feel that your pets need to lose a little weight or that excess energy you cant seem to shift there is an option of extra excerise at £5 per dog per walk.

Pricing List for Dogs

We pride ourselves in being the cheapest priced boarding establishment in the area without relinquishing some of the standards you would expect


Small Dogs (Chihuaha/Shih Tzu/Jack Russell) £13.50

Medium Dogs(Beagle/Springer Spanl) £13.75

Large Dogs (Labrador/Bearded Collies/Border Collies/German Shepherd) £14.00

Giant Dogs (Newfoundland/St Bernard/Great Dane) £15.25


Prices are charged from midday.

Serving Military Personnel 10% discount on Boarding fees on proof of service.

Please note payment is either by cash or cheque with cheque guarantee card

Cancellations 7 days or less prior to arrival will result in a cancellation fee of £20 per pet during peak periods.