"Hair of the Dog" Grooming Parlour

But mum I like rolling :-)

Our Hair of the Dog Grooming Parlour caters for all your pet’s grooming needs.

Services on offer include everything from a simple bath to clipping nails to cleaning out ears and emptying anal glands to the full pampering of a luxury groom and shampoo.

Delivery and collection is available at an additional charge within a radius of 20 miles. All animals are carried in a secure cage for there safety.

Full grooms are on an appointment system only

I'm sure I fitted this towel before!!!

Please Note

All prices are subject to the condition and size of your Dog.

Quotation available upon request

Nails  £10

Basic Bath &Blast £15 (Short coat)

                                      £20 (Medium length coat)

                                      £25-£30 (Long length coat)

Clip Off & Bath from £25

Styling from £25